Saturday, October 17, 2009

Old Fashioned Fashion

   Women's clothes have always changed accoding to current fashion but probably never as much as the late 1800s. Crinolines, hoop skirts, and bustles all adorned women who were also confined in restrictive corsets. In those days, most women learned about new trends through the use of fashion plates, which were inserted in various popular publications.  Here's a selection of plates from that period.

1860s Fashion

Godey's Magazine 1870

1870s Fashion

1860s Fashion

1882 Fashion

Modelès de Madame Carlier 1897

1880s Fashion

Morning Dress 1880

1883 Fashion

Hats 1898

Godey's Magazine 1874

Dress 1893

Godey's Magazine 1874

The appearance of "bloomers" in the 1870s raised the question of who wears the pants in the family?

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