Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Noble Savage

   The culture of the American Indians was already disappearing when the first photographers began venturing into the west with their bulky cameras, chemicals and glass plates. Studios began appearing in towns all along the frontier and it was inevitable that Native American subjects would eventually appear before the camera. The treatments of Indians by those early photographers varied, but most attempted to capture the spirit of the conquered race and the portraits taken then give us a glimpse of the real person, not the Hollywood caricature they have often become.

Geronimo (Guiyatle), Apache Chief

Bear’s Belly, a member of the Arikara tribe

Bob Brave Bear

Buckskin Charley - Ute Chief

Bonito - Chiricahua Chief

Broken Arm - Sioux Chief

Carlotta Chiwiwi and daughters - pueblo of Isleta

Buckskin Charley - Ute Chief

Cheyenne Chiefs, members of the Southern Cheyenne Delegation of 1909

Chief Joseph

Circling Bear

Hand-tinted Group Photo

Lizzie Black Bird

Buckskin Charley - Ute Chief

Sitting Bull - Sioux Chief

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