Monday, October 12, 2009

Not So Wierd Science

   As a teenager I loved visiting my uncle and his stash of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines. I would spend hours poring over wacky and wonderful gadgets, inventions and scientific speculation. Here are some examples of the kind of do-it-yourself spirit promoted by those publications.

Can self-service gas stations be far away?

For those smokers too young to play with matches.

Baby Catupult

Many states have passed laws making it illegal to text while you're driving but I'm pretty sure none of them have prohibited cooking while driving.

This one is shocking.

If dogs could only talk...

Beauty Analysis Is In The Eye of the Beholder

Where's the snooze button?

This is a totally cool idea.

Judy Jetson's Hair Stylist

Double the Pleasure!

Double the Fun!

We could set these up in all the airports and catch terrorists with it.

This just sounds crazy.

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  1. Imagine the car exhaust calliope combined with the exhaust flame-thrower. That could be some fun!