Friday, January 29, 2010

Looks Good Enough To Eat

   Cooking is becoming a lost art. What with so much frozen food, microwave ovens and fast-food restaurants in our society, the  number of people who actually make meals from scratch is rapidly decreasing. Things were a lot different when I was a kid. Every housewife had a shelf full of cookbooks and could whip up a dinner with whatever ingredients happened to be in the pantry. I enjoyed looking at these cookbooks and wondering what each dish tasted like.
   Perusing these same books today, however, is a different experience. Looking at the photos of these food creations makes you realize how far we have come from the days of kitchen artistry. Granted, the quality of the photography in many of these publications was not the best, you still have to wonder why they would portray food that looks unappetizing and sometimes downright disgusting.

I know shrimp usually has that pinkish, skin color but I'm not sure I want my gelatin to have the same hue.

I really don't like peas. I can take them in small amounts in soups, stews and casseroles, but to mix them into my clear jello as the main ingredient is revolting to me

Ham hocks and saurkraut. YUM!

I wonder what my friends would think if I whipped these dishes out at my next party.

I find the pink color of this lobster relish to be nauseating.

Bologna in Jello. Who would think of such an unlikely combination, much less show a picture of it?

Is it me or do these meatballs look like raw hamburger?

Bananas already have a reputation as a phallic symbol. Sticking one through the hole in a pineapple slice is pure genius!

This snowy confetti chicken salad looks just like my bicycle helmet!

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