Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weird Science Part 2

   Here are some more wild and wacky inventions from the pages of Popular Mechanics. You can find many more here.

Not that I would ever drive a vehicle at the reckless speed of 75 MPH, I still love this automobile.

Considering you now have to pay for using a pillow and blanket on an airplane, can you imagine what it would cost to fly with your own bed!

Perfect for potluck dinners.

Yeah, but does it listen to you complain about your girlfriend?

I wonder if this has contributed to unemployment in the songwriting industry.

This would probably contribute to unemployment in the sports announcer industry but how many athlete-broadcasters are they going to find that can dribble and shoot with one hand!

I hope they use this on my next lobotomy.

If I showed up at a news event wearing a camera, I would become the news event.

Airlines now charge a $15 dollar fee for the first baby and $10 for each extra. The child does have to meet carry-on restrictions.

At last! A reliable way to measure the value of the female sex.

What will they think of next!

Since cars didn't have air conditioning when I was a kid, summertime travel involved cranking down every window and aiming the wings at your seat. I would have gladly used such a device to cool off, but realistically, how long would the cold air last?

If the call box is located in the building that is on fire, I can see a problem here...

This device might protect you from freckles, but wearing it would leave you emotionally scarred for life.

This invention sucks!

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