Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Welcoming a New Year

   The greeting card companies have capitalized on most of our holidays and gotten the public accustomed to sending greetings on those days. In at least one case, a holiday was created (Valentine's Day) just to be able to sell cards. Given this, it's unusual to find a holiday that people used to send cards on, but do so no longer. Such is the case of New Years. One hundred years ago, it was customary to send cards welcoming the New Year but Hallmark has little in this category. Let's end the year with a selection of these cards.

With Facebook, it's no longer possible to forget old acquaintances!

Mary found that pulling her New Year's sled with pigs wasn't really as good as with reindeer.

We hope that child labor will be exploited to produce wealth for you in the New Year!

It figures that the French really know how to welcome the New Year.

Since most people's wealth got flushed away last year it seems fitting to have the model pose with a giant toilet seat.

That child looks too young to drink.

I think the moon has had enough. He's starting to look a bit sickly.

Welcoming 1908 with a distinctively floral theme.

The New Year Baby speeds in on on one of those newfangled velocipedes.

In case you had any thoughts of laying back and taking it easy this coming year.

The New Year twins come up with a novel solution to Global Warming; covering the North pole with optimistic affirmations to block excessive solar radiation.

Parade of the New Year gnomes (sponsored by Travelocity)


  1. I would definitely say the Moon Man is looking green around the gills.

  2. The model with the "giant toliet seat" is not modeling with a giant toliet seat, it is the good luck symbol of the upside down horseshoe. *palm smack wow!