Monday, December 21, 2009

Pass the Popcorn Balls

   There are many traditions surrounding Christmas but one we all seem to enjoy is watching holiday movies. Here are a few posters of some of the most popular seasonal films.

The all-time classic has a department-store Santa having to prove that he is the real thing.

This could be the most popular holiday film of all time with the loveable Jimmy Stewart discovering what life would be like without him.

Much better than the recent remake.

Robert Mitchum plays Santa.

An entire film created to showcase the classic Christmas carol.

Chevy Chase teaches us how to decorate for Christmas. Hint: When family members drop in unexpectedly, book them a room at Super 8!

Will Ferrell provides us a glimpse of the secret lives of elves.

A Christmas Story  - My favorite Christmas movie. This Jean Shepard tale of a young boy's quest for a Red Ryder BB gun appeals to people of all ages. Numerous children have had to be rescued from flagpoles in bizarre copycat incidents.

Walt was turning over in his grave when this Disney klunker was released.

The "Governator" and Sindbad fight over toys.

The public loved this tale of a plucky youngster defending his home from burglars after being left behind from a family vacation.

An all-star cast makes this British entry into the Holiday genre a popular favorite.

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