Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's Something Wrong With Kids These Days

      I vaguely remember my childhood days in the 1950s before the teenage rebellion when children were seen and not heard. Thanks to Dr. Spock, a new generation of parents was being told that it was OK to let their youngsters do their own thing. The results were predictable. Before we knew it, our nation was overrun by teenagers eager to expose themselves to every vice and perversion available to them. Here are a few paperbacks glorifying this youth revolution.

I think it started with those beach-blanket movies with all the kids cavorting in their skimpy swimming attire. These teens were on the loose with "marijuana in their pockets, alcohol on their breath and time on their hands".

If that woman is a beatnik, I'm Maynard G. Krebs!

Sex Education - 1960s style.

These two delinquents are not keeping their eye on the ball.

Sign me up for the reefer brawls!

Speed, danger and death. What teen could resist that?

I'm not sure smoking marijuana is the best way to search for thrills...

Charles Manson ruined it for all of us that were in hippy cults!

When teenage hoodlums are on the loose - watch out!

I'd kill for a good joint.

What a bargain!

I had no idea former Senator Estes Kefauver was an expert on teenage gangs.

These are not punk kids - they're an organized mob specializing in violence.

Tony Soprano as a teenager.

Pedophilia begins at forty.

If there was anyone who knew about vice, it was J. Edgar Hoover.

Long before "Psycho" Norman tried another get-rich-quick scheme. Apparently his mother had no idea.

What other kinds of kids are there?

I succumbed to vileness and twisted desire long before I turned 17.

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  1. So I'm singing "I'm Bad Uh Huh, You Know It" all during the lurid book feature. Love the expose' of Santa! Did you send this to Jen? She would love it!